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FIBERFIL S.p.A. produces polyester staple fiber in different counts, colours and crimps according to the needs and uses of its customers. 

During all the production process the fiber is submitted to continuous quality controls to reduce as much as possible technical faults. Each lot we produce is checked in laboratory to test its tenacity, elongation at break, crimps per cm., thermal shrinkage, fibre length and other parameters.

Our polyester staple fiber is used as raw material for the production of several industrial applications such as padding, non-wovens, geotextile, automotive, abrasive products for domestic and industrial use, yarn for textile flooring (carpets and moquette), shoes, special filters and much more. 

The current production goes from d.tex 3.3 to d.tex 40 in different lenghts and colours according to the customer requirements.

Our products datasheets:

pdfData sheet 3.3 dtex

pdfData sheet 6.7 dtex

pdfData sheet 13 dtex

pdfData sheet 17 dtex

pdfData sheet 30 dtex

pdfData sheet 40 dtex